The first step is with your emotions,
Please learn to keep them in check,
The second step is with your options,
Evaluate their effect in total – net,

Make sure to avoid thinking short term,
Always have the overall aim in your head,
Remember you win some you lose some,
So you should always keep forging ahead,

Eventually you start to get some success,
Often these are the times that we forget,
Of the journey and of how struggle tastes,
Fall mostly happens to those who neglect,

Stay on the watch and have the purest of intentions,
Much can be achieved with the right motive at heart,
Universe conspires and creates the right situations,
When opportunity meets preparedness is what is called luck.

The Journey of Life


Life has a tendency of throwing curve balls that you can’t expect,
And sometimes they can be too heavy and unbearable to accept,
Things so out of our control not even your intellect,
Could take over and make the situation all correct,

It is in these dark moments that your character is tested,
Degree to which is based on how much you are invested,
Feeling like the future is so bleak,
Not sure if in this path you’ll stick,

Life is what you make it if you really break it down,
Focus on the negative and all it brings you is frown,
Instead think of this an opportunity,
To learn to develop a proper remedy,

The more the challenges you face and overcome,
The stronger you become – it all adds up like sum,
There’s beauty in the struggle,
The struggle keeps you humble,

Trust that tomorrow will be a better day than today,
And keep on grinding the hustle will eventually pay,
Journey will have bumps but don’t stop,
Matter how bad you can never lose hope.

The Writing Process


To be honest I wonder how the perfect poem looks like,
The type whereby each word seems to touch a part of you,
Not only reading the words but experiencing them alike,
Nothing rhymes better than the truth and that’s some true,

Looking at my own process of writing,
Nothing can really happen without an inspiration,
Comes from the demons I’m fighting,
Or the way life can present many a sticky situation,

Environment is the best source of material,
Both internal and external,
Paint emotions inside in words to feel it all,
Express society’s downfall,

I one day hope to be a professional writer and poet,
Skills so on point can conjure a poetic piece on cue,
Will continue to practice and leave the rest to fate,
Appreciate anyone who reads even if its one or two.



Words and rhymes,
People dying,
On the daily,
It’s crazy,
It phases me,

Space and time,
Between you and me,
Girl you’re so fine,
With you is when I’m free,

Nickels and dimes,
Things of the world,
What really shines,
Things of the soul,

Alpha and Omega,
Relationship with God,
Talk to the Maker,
Praise the Lord,

This and that,
Ideas bouncing around,
The best part,
It’s where gems are found.

Self Poetry

Simple Man

I spend a large amounts of my days alone,
That’s the main time that I feel at home,
That’s the main time I feel in the zone,
When the realest version of me is shown,

Might just walk by the river and watch the sunset,
Might dip my feet in the water to get my toes wet,
Watch the trees and nature as a bird flies by,
Then look up to my favorite color aka the sky,

Moments like these end up getting introspective,
Looking within at so as to find where the speck is,
Consistently brainstorming on ways to improve,
Thinking it’s about time to live the life I choose,

Money isn’t really that much of a motivator,
It’s that drive to become something greater,
Starting something and seeing it get better,
All glory and gratitude goes to the Creator.

Self Poetry


Thank you for supporting me even when it didn’t make sense,
For being there for me when I was difficult – less than a gent,
And for all the business loans that to me you always lent,
In a world where it’s been lonely for me you are heaven sent, 

Being honest, it hasn’t been easy being the lone wolf in the pack,
Looking at the direction my people were going and took a step back,
Decided that this wasn’t the route for me and I would not give a …,
Facing a lot of friction from the family got me feeling very stuck,

Despite every one else’s opinion you always told me,
To stay strong because this life is mine and I should own it, 
That God doesn’t give you dreams that you are not worthy,
And that I should put in the work since it’s not going to be cosy,

All in all I want to say I really appreciate you mama,
You raised me fairly well – don’t have that much trauma,
Hope to one day repay you for all you’ve done like karma,
Your prayers keep me going like harvest to the farmer.

Self Poetry


You’ve been heading in the wrong direction,
For way too long and it’s preventing your ascension,
Been finding yourself in too many a tricky situation,
If your life was a tv show it’s time to change the station,

First things first you need to start taking care of your health,
Be too complacent and these diseases can creep up on you like stealth,
Instead pay attention to what you put into your body tightly as a belt,
Consistently try this out for a year and see how it’s the greatest you’ve felt,

Secondly work to develop every aspect of your character,
Take note of all of the unpleasant habits that you foster,
Gradually replace them with the ones more befitting of your future,
Take it one step at a time and always keep in mind the bigger picture,

Third take some time to work on your mind and spirit,
Consume less junk information as they only demerit,
Become more conscious, aware and intentional of your existence,
You need to know you are a manifestation of divine brilliance,

All in all this is just a nudge in the direction of growth,
To make changes and stick to your decisions like oath,
Clear out the parts of you that you loathe,
And to realize and act like your worth.

The Journey of Life

Breaking Down

Pressure from all aspects of my life at a go,
To be honest this feels like my all-time low,
Been running everything like a one-man show,
The toll it’s taking on me is really starting to show,

Have been struggling with making ends meet,
A perfectionist thus focused on making everything fit,
Thick skin but wondering if I can handle the heat,
Asking myself if this is the reason I am always lit,

Cutting to the chase it’s not that easy running your own business,
It’s even harder maintaining a relationship as you end up talking less,
And lemme not start on how sometimes the family can be stress,
Perhaps if my dad supported what I do for a living I would feel less depressed,

Have to keep reminding myself a bad day is not a bad life,
Eventually l’ll find someone that gets me to be my wife,
When it comes to family I can’t cut ties with them like a knife,
All in all I just have to trust that I’ll overcome any strife.

Love and Attraction


Every thought I have is laced with a hint of you,
Can you blame me with all the things we have been through,
Often times images of you flash in my head then I smile,
Then comes the longing and nostalgia of when you were mine,

Needless to say I miss you all the time,
Miss having your back like a spine,
Miss back when everything was fine,
My hand on your waist as you whine,

On top of you as I hit the tempo on cue,
To be honest I can’t get enough of you, 
In it for the long run and not just a few,
Things I can do you have only but a clue,

But pardon me I have a tendency to digress,
Peace, you make me feel lighter in my chest,
Really hurt me when I saw you had a next,
Always thought that I would be your best.

The Journey of Life


To be honest, it hurts to see the people I love in pain,
Whenever you strike, things can never be the same, 
And the hardest part is that we can never know who to blame,
What’s the cause of this, please God gimme a name,

It’s so hard to understand how things could get this bad,
We’ve faced a lot of things but this is by far the most hard,
Way this issue is under-managed in this country is sad, 
Better hope and pray that you don’t carry it in your blood,

Even though it’s discouraging, have to be strong for the fam,
Even when the emotions are raging, have to always keep calm,
Even though it’s hard to accept, have to believe in God’s plan,
Even though it takes a lot out of me, there’s still a lot that I learn,

All in all, this was just a small insight on the effects of mental illness, 
Praying for peace of heart and mind all about that mental stillness,
Learning to control my emotions and not just trying to feel less,
Remember that no matter what life throws your way you can pass its test.