The Journey of Life

Bigger Picture

There will always be pitfalls,
There will always be doubts,
But there will always be blessings,
And there will always be finessings,

One cannot exist without the other,
You get the good with the bad,
You get the happy with the sad,
You get the progress with the setbacks,
You get the jumps with the kickbacks,
(For my Kenyan poker lovers)

In this journey of life, we are all embarking on,
Trying to find our place in the history of humanity,
No matter how far back we are starting from,
We each have the potential to shape our destiny,

So in your long days and short nights,
Or even if you are lost trying to find the light,
I pray that you be patient and set your sights,
On the bigger picture of overcoming your strife,
Only thing that can set you back is your heart’s fight.

Love and Attraction


Damn, I wonder when it got so hard to breathe,
My stomach is turning, I guess that’s why it’s so hard to eat,
My heart is sinking, I feel like I’m falling down a pit,
And to be honest, I really thought we were a good fit,

It’s got me sitting here wondering if you feel the same,
Every time you inhale do you feel the pain?
Do the memories keep flashing inside your brain?
Do you find yourself missing me once again?

I can’t help but check up on your socials,
But seeing you gets me overcome with emotions,
Guess I should have learnt to proceed with caution,
And now I’m just high off this potion,

Sometimes I forget and there are glimpses of joy,
Then the last conversation starts replaying in my head,
Wondering if it was real or just a ploy,
The thought of going back to being alone leaves me in dread.

Love and Attraction


The first time I saw you, the world literally stood still,
You were the only thing that mattered in that moment,
I smirked in content just by the emotions you made me feel,
I would say you took my breath away if only I could comment,

We vibed; I didn’t think anything of it at first as I wasn’t in that space yet,
Plus you didn’t seem that much interested – focused on your own thing,
So I decided to focus on the dreams whose motions I needed to set,
Tunnel vision, on anything else I decided to see what fate would bring,

Days, months and years went by and we went on our different paths,
Whenever we’d bump into each other though, I could still feel the spark,
So I gathered myself and the courage to ask you out finally,
Rejection – who knew how that would end up tragically,

Heavily bruised ego but like they say “keep your head up king”,
Unfortunately its not easy to forget someone like you,
Someone I could actually have something with more than a fling,
I was very ready then but I bet you didn’t even have a clue,

Fast forward a couple more years and a few awkward encounters,
I’m at a better place mentally and physically engulfed in my dream,
Then I see your ‘hey’ text and the feeling resurges like it was a reminder,
You want to meet up and I can’t help but wonder how you’ve been,

Seeing you walking toward me and all I could do was appreciate the Maker,
He’s made some beautiful scenery but He really finessed when it came to you,
And although it has been such a long time we vibe like it’s never been better,
Amid the banter and laughter we recognize that spark that we always knew,

Considering how long the build-up was, the first time I kissed you was electric,
Once again the world stood still, and it was just me and you in our own utopia,
With my arms wrapped around you, Oh! How we are such a good fit,
When you look at me the way you do, I’m at peace like skies so clear,

Thinking back, it’s interesting how all the pieces aligned,
At one point I had to remind myself to focus when I think of you,
And now I love and enjoy that you are always on my mind,
I don’t know what it is but there is just something special about you.

The Journey of Life


There is no pain as strong as the psychological,
The imbalance in your mind can even manifest itself in the physical,

Due to the power of your memory you keep experiencing it over,
And imagining repeat scenarios in your head as you ponder,

We often get lost in our heads being the stars of our own drama,
At times being too emotionally invested and holding on to the trauma,
Forgetting that reality is in the now and not in the happenings of yesterday,
Nor in the what if scenarios of tomorrow leading to anxiety in facing the day,

Once you realize that there is no time, past or future in your reality,
And you see that what you have and will ever have is now with clarity,
You can get to understand what exactly you have in your control,
You have the power of free will to make decisions in line with your goal,

Keep in mind that there is no such thing as time,
If you are worth anything then, you are worth something now,
Don’t compare your level two to someone else’s level nine,
We can all make it, the only question you need to ask yourself is how,

The first step is to study and learn so that you can sharpen the mind,
What good is a beautiful body if you have mental clutter and can’t think right,

The second step is to search, look within and love what you find,
Knowing and accepting yourself gives you the power to face any stormy night.

The Journey of Life

Keep On Going

I know sometimes it can get messy,
When you have a lot on your plate,
Tryna finish up on everything so hasty,
Why’d you submit that assignment so late?

Told yourself this time would be different,
This time you’ll become just a bit more efficient,
But changing old ways can prove resistant,
Man, it’s just so hard to be consistent,

Then you enter that mental dialogue,
And think back to your memory log,
To all the times you made a miss,
Asking yourself, “Why am I like this?”,

And you feel like shrinking and closing up,
Watching motivational videos just isn’t enough,
Starting to notice mistakes in all of your work stuff,
Find yourself wishing that you just didn’t give a …,

But fret not because the feelings are only temporary,
Focus on them and you only keep the negative energy flowing,
No matter how heavy your inefficiencies become to carry,
The only thing you need to do is remember to keep on going.

The Journey of Life

Lemme get Spiritual

I don’t want money,
I want control,
Over my mind and soul,
Emotions and the physical,

Come on you can’t say you don’t feel like there’s more,
To your being, to everything, you can feel it in your core,
Have you ever asked yourself “Who am I?”,
“Why do I exist?”, “What happens when I die?”,

You see I have thought about this for a while,
It happened that for a long time I couldn’t smile,
Made one too many mistakes and hurt more than just me,
And it took me a long time just to be free,

It took a while but I eventually started looking within,
Deep down looking for what exactly makes up a human being,
What exactly runs this mechanism of the human essence,
If you pay enough attention you can actually feel God’s presence,

Once you understand who you are,
And how exactly you machine is run,
You will feel a sense of control over life and be in a better position,
External situations should no effect on the internal condition.


The Journey of Life

Love and Compassion

The best gift you can give to someone is a moment of your time,
We all go through the motions of feeling less worthy than a dime,
And so you being there for someone could make them feel quite sublime,
In their lowest you could make them feel less like they were born a crime,

The best gift you can give to an artist is appreciating their work,
If only you could see how many hours it takes off their clock,
How much emotion it consumes and trust this is not just talk,
What fears and doubts they face just to open up and unlock,

The best gift you can give your spouse is to accept them for who they are,
We all come full with history, insecurities and baggage like an overloaded car,
Not to mention how we often try to hide each and every emotional scar,
So when we find someone that accepts us we feel as special as a shooting star,

The best gift you can give the world is your own God-given gifts,
Not only does it help the world but even your own soul it uplifts,
The effect is so strong such that it can even make the darkest of hours lit,
By inspiring someone else to share theirs and it change the world bit by bit.

The Journey of Life

Let Go

You can only be able to gain when you let go,
Most people who feel pain rarely even show,
The more they keep it hidden the more it starts to grow,
And slowly everything that is bottled in starts to blow,

Shame, resentment, pain, anger and hurt,
These are emotions that slowly eat you up,
Its okay to feel just don’t hold on and pile up like a cart
There is no excuse for them in your life to be part,

Learn to forgive others and better yet learn to forgive yourself,
By now you should know human beings will always make mistakes,
Accepting that fact for you and others could make life magical like an elf,
Its not easy to do so but a change in mindset and perspective is all it takes,

Own your mistakes they are the ones that teach you who you are supposed to be,
When other people wrong you it has more to do with them than you I guarantee,
They just have their own journey in life and things to work through to be free,
My only goal is to help reduce the emotional weight in your heart so you can breathe,

You can only be able to gain when you let go,
Most people who feel pain rarely even show,
The more they keep it hidden the more it starts to grow,
And slowly everything that is bottled in starts to blow.

Love and Attraction


It took me a whole day to write this,
May be too soon but there’s no way to fight this,
It’s been more than a minute since I felt like this,
A feeling that I never thought I’d miss,

I wanna be with you all the time,
Not just because I think you’re fine,
Your company is utterly elating,
You’re the one I’ve been patiently waiting,

Could spend hours just admiring your smile,
Not to mention your sense of humour,
With the way you dress, you can’t help but shine,
How could I have not met you sooner,

Words alone don’t do you enough justice,
It’s the feeling you give me like peace in a crisis,
Baby girl, you are nothing but priceless,
You bring so much life to days so lifeless.