Insecure Girl

You’re worth more than what any guy sees in you,
You don’t really need any guy in you,

You’re worth more than what you see in yourself,
Better learn to love and believe in yourself,

You’re worth more than what society pressures you to be,
I honestly don’t see why one of your role models is Cardi B,

You’re worth more than all your past mistakes,
Every time you look back and get the shakes,

You’re worth more than those friends that mislead you,
There’s nothing but negativity that they feed you,

You’re worth more than the alcohol and drugs you’re consuming,
Trying to drown away the pain that’s consuming,

You’re worth more than any challenges you might face,
No strength like the strength of a woman is the case,

You’re worth more than any amount money or gold,
The power to create and nurture life inside you you hold,

You’re worth is worth more than the few rhymes I write,
You need to realize you’re a queen and I’m just tryna shed the light.


Life Lessons

A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor,
Smooth silk never made a skilled tailor,
A few mistakes never made a real failure,
Struggle made Bob Marley and the Wailers,

You get a handle on life through the rough edges,
You get an appreciation for freedom through the tough cages,
You get a belief in the process through the growth stages,
You get to constantly learn something new cause everything changes,

Sometimes we never really get what we wanted,
Sometimes we take the things we have for granted,
Sometimes past mistakes always keep us haunted,
Sometimes we can’t help but feel disappointed,

My point is life is never easy for most,
Some people pay an even greater cost,
Some people – pain is all their heart hosts,
Walking around always counting their losts,

The best advice I can give you is to look at tomorrow,
Looking at yesterday brings nothing but sorrow,
And life is too short with limited time we can’t borrow,
Always remember you weren’t born to feel this hollow.

Late Nights in My Mind

The left side of my brain is trying to think right,
Trying to sleep but my thoughts still flow in spite,
These days its harder to sleep than to have a good night,
If you ever wondered what’s inside lemme give you insight,

If you succeed in learning do you learn to succeed?
Is everything bad you’ve done erased by a good deed?
And when do the children of the poor get a chance to feed?
Why can’t a revolution occur without anyone having to bleed?
Why can’t we ever have enough of the things we don’t need?
Do you think its part of our humanity or is it simply greed?
And the wisdom from the old told do we ever really heed?
Can you see the growth I’m trying to implant in your mind with this idea seed?
You need to realise sooner that you can make your successes come at a faster speed,

But humanity is prone to many weaknesses,
I wish I could say I constantly listen to my own advice,
Procrastination to me is like all the sicknesses,
Inevitably still have to be fire in this world cold as ice.

Draft 11

This is the hardest poem I’ve ever written,
Which is ironic cause it shows I’m soft as a kitten,
I can say that with the thought of you I am smitten,
You’re my queen like the leader of the Great Britain,

I can say it’s in the way you smile,
Or the joy I give you seen in your eyes,
Or in the chemistry I feel when I kiss you,
Whenever I leave can’t help but miss you,

You cross my mind ever so often,
The taste of your lips so soften,
The excitement and the rush,
Without the fear of a crash,
I think we are a nice match,
And like a match,
You light a fire in my soul,
I can feel it in my bones,
I can feel it in the way you move,
African girl with all the groove,
From your style and your Afro,
Fierce persona like Fidel Castro,
Beautiful body and a more beautiful heart,
The way you care for everyone cannot be represented by art,
You are honestly a blessing and I’ll tell you every day,
Baby girl I love you in each and every way.

This Is Not A Poem

Just like Jesus Christ,
You have to carry your own cross,
Some crosses are bigger than others,
But people are built differently,
Some can carry heavier loads than others,
Some cannot handle as much,
But nonetheless everyone has their own cross to bear,
Someone might look at yours and wonder why you complain,
But don’t let that stress your brain,
He/She does not know your cross’ weight and strain,
No one except you can understand the pain,
Stressing will only drive you insane,
But you know what’s a shame?
When you give up and can’t handle the weight,
Too many people reach that point sooner or late,
And due to the gravity of the situation they come tumbling down,
Ending up crushed by the heaviness in their hearts and frown,
What would I advice you?
Build yourself so that you grow big enough to lift your cross,
Life being full of additional challenges inevitably gives you a loss,
But carry your cross and carry it with pride,
Take your time with each and every stride,
Reach the top of the mountain and get crucified,
You will come back stronger like when Jesus died.

Miss Kenya

I think you are the most beautiful girl in the world,
You’re never too hot and never too cold,
Even when they try to play you you never fold,
Your history is one of the greatest stories told,

You literally light my day and star my nights,
All your curves and edges are nothing but beautiful sights,
I love your diversity with more cultures than I can cites,
My heart breaks every time I see your people fights,

She’s just a girl and she’s on fire,
She’s hurting inside consequences so dire,
Losing herself with every lit tire,
Facing nothing more than guns for hire,

One thing’s for sure you always have my heart,
I fell in love with you from the very start,
Peace love and unity is needed for the hurt,
Forever yours, till death do us part. ✌

The Human Condition

A wise man once told me all I see is humans no humanity,
I pondered more on the subject and its truth almost led me to insanity,
Take a look around you can be living with people but its not a community,
Everyone lost in their own lives not caring about others leading to lack of unity,
I passionately care for others so I find this obscene like profanity,

The only difference between you and someone else is circumstances,
On a shallower level the difference between you and others is finances,
Money comes and goes even faster but life has no second chances,
You can grow financially but growth as a human being gives you greater advances,

The fruits of the spirit are love, joy peace and I’m sure you know how it goes,
Why not take a lesson from one of the wisest and oldest books in stores,
It is food for the soul to lend a hand,
It is said our Creator made us from land,
Interpret it as you may but I guess that means we are meant to be down to earth,
We all have our destinations in life but be sure to help someone down your path.

For the Dreamer

He’s always trying to fly like paper planes,
Doesn’t give up when facing major fails,
Always takes advice from his wiser friends,
His ambition is rooted deep – it never ends,

For him, every step forward is a growth,
He stays strong even when they extenuate his worth,
A nice guy with his moral compass always on north,
It can only get better from now henceforth,

He promises to stay grounded like walking on floors,
Growth is where he’s bounded he’s working on flaws,
Makes sure the melody is sounded working on flows,
Focused on becoming well-rounded working on glows,

He knows the only way forward is mastering the devils within,
Knows if he has peace inside anything he faces outside he will win,
He has to make it for sure for him and his kin,
Not accomplishing his goals he considers as sin,

The end is near he can feel it in his bones,
All the hard work put in and all the thrown stones,
All the time he worked in isolation you’d think that he lones,
You wouldn’t see that he was trying to make a king off pawns,

I believe whatever you hold in your heart always shows,
Even if you try to lie to yourself you always knows,
Build yourself within and keep on moving don’t pause,
Don’t be a participant of change be the cause.


Letter from Life Coach

What are you really doing if you think about it?
If you think to say your best I’d think to say I doubt it,
Too much untapped potential there’s no way around it,
I’m just here to find the king inside you and crown it,

What do you think is really the problem?
Why gamble with your life like Texas Hold ‘Em,
Instead you should pick up the dice of life and roll ’em,
Look within you decide and choose your fate so solemn,

What can you do to change if you really wanted to?
For sure I know its never as simple as one and two,
You should gather your thoughts and run them through,
Positive scrutiny and let the lessons stick – glue,

Do you see the bigger picture long term?
To all of the distractions you should be numb,
Make sure you add to your growth daily like sum,
The path to self growth not many have come,

Lil homie told me to write something longer,
Says my poetry is growing stronger,
I say the only direction is forward so tafadhali songa,
Get your voice out there and be heard – bonga,

You manifest your reality you choose your fate,
You can choose to be weak or you can choose faith,
You can choose to be moving or you can choose to be late,
You can choose to strive on or you can listen to the hate,

You need to chose you path now I don’t see a reason to wait,
You can start by doing something a future you will appreciate,
Think back and say that what I started back then is the reason I’m great,
All that you will ever need is within you God chose your plate.


Underdog Reflection

There’s no pain as big, as feeling small,
When you’re still weak, even when being strong,
When you’ve got the loudest voice, but they put you behind a brick wall,
When you’re given a choice, but all ultimatums lead to your fall,

You try to make the changes to set your path,
But something always messes up your math,
All in all you can’t help but feel stuck,
Like a leprechaun who’s run out of luck,

Unfortunately the worst part is that it doesn’t get any easier for you,
You’ve got to stay strong and work like you’re working for two,
Learn to ignore other people cause they don’t have a clue,
About your struggles and best believe they are facing something too,

I can relate cause I know this feeling all to well,
I wish I could write about it like Adele,
Make you feel my charm just like a spell,
But sometimes my words get trapped inside like a cell.