Self Poetry


I drop a tear when I hear your name,
Things just ain’t been the same,

What would I not give for another hug,
What can I do to feel your nag,

Hard to accept the way things went by,
You left without saying goodbye,

Part of me blames myself and the family,
Part of me understands the tragedy,

Things we can never really take back,
Things that got me feeling stuck,

Could I have been a better brother,
Did you really feel like a bother,

Are you happy now, is your soul free?
Do you still think about me?

Cause I still think about you,
And all the things we didn’t get to do,

Life is short – who knew?
Even on sunny days I still feel blue,

What’s the point of making it without the ones we hold dear,
Losing someone close is my life’s biggest fear,

I’m sorry I didn’t tell you I love you enough,
I’m sorry that your life had to be so tough,

I’m sorry for all the time we didn’t spend,
I’m sorry for the way it had to end,

I’m sorry for the hand that I didn’t lend,
I’m sorry for all the wrong things we didn’t amend,

I’m sorry that you had to feel this way,
Most of all I’m sorry that you never found your way!

Self Poetry


To whom much is given much is expected,
I guess that’s why I never really rested,
Too much time I have wasted,
All the money I have invested,

Trust in vision – the plan,
Trust in me I’m the man,
Fearless in front of a gun,
Cautious enough to run,

Still can’t help but feel the doubt,
Still can’t help but wait for sprout,
Gotta make it with or without,
Are you in or are you out?

Grateful for each day in the process,
This is stress release not lamentation,
Strides made remember not to forget,
For this life I have utmost appreciation.

The Journey of Life


It’s your lifestyle that kills you,
It’s your pain that heals you,
Life chooses the cards it deals you,
Promise me you’ll see it through,

A bad season is not a bad life,
Appreciate the real value of time,
Face the challenges and the strife,
Conquer them and enter your prime,

Pain in life is only temporary,
Regret is only in the memory,
Shame is only in the imagination,
Perception is subjective to situation,

It’s always easier said than done,
Means you have to put in the work,
On yourself – only important one,
Right words, thoughts, actions on lock.

Self Poetry


If I’m speaking the truth,
I’m in love with my youth,
Taking risks chasing loot,
And slowly finding my foot,

And if I’m being really honest,
I’m in love with the process,
Broke not because I’m from less,
All income to my craft I invest,

And if I’m keeping it real,
All these emotions that I feel,
All these situations that I deal,
God blessed me with the will,

And if I’m being really frank
You can take this to the bank,
No matter if the ship floated or sank,
Truly grateful to the Creator – thank.



The battle has been heated,
The tempo has been shifted,
No longer defeated,
Curse has been lifted,

Been a long time coming,
Many lessons still learning,
Motivated still yearning,
Passion – fire still burning,

Heading into a new chapter,
Less pain, more laughter,
Put in the work, rest right after,
Couldn’t get here faster,

Nothing is free of challenge,
Gotta plan things and arrange,
Learn from past damage,
Trust, everything we’ll manage.



With the break of each sunny day,
I pray Father that You guide my way,

Concerning the little things I forget,
Help me Father remember to appreciate,

With every step in the wrong direction,
It’s never too late to find some redemption,

With every trouble that comes and shakes me,
I trust in You that You won’t let it break me,

With every dream You bring to my mind,
I promise to not let You down and do what’s mine,

You’ve always been there for me and I know You will be again,
I pray this trusting and believing in You, Amen.

Self Poetry

Character Development

This year I lost my brother,
Pain like no other,
Strong was how it hit my father,
Will we ever recover?

This year I lost my job,
Hit heavier than a mob,
Happiness it did rob,
Still no excuse to sob,

This year I lost my girl,
Goodbye text made my stomach twirl,
Wasn’t she a pearl,
Made me feel like conquer the world,

This year I lost myself,
Haunted by emotions I put on the shelf,
Never really ask for any help,
Only therapy is writing down what I felt.

The Journey of Life

Clear Skies

No longer walking through the rain,
No longer talking about the pain,
Every day starting to see the gain,
Every day learning to smile again.

All a symbol of the growth,
Of the increasing self-worth,
Of the belief and the hope,
To take dream to the top,

Look how far we’ve come,
Look at how much we learn,
Bout process and then some,
Watch for how much we’ll earn,

Yesterday it was cloudy,
Today it’s clear skies,
Won’t always be rowdy,
Won’t always be nice.

Self Poetry

Interlude 2

Subject matter has been dark lately,
Give me a good review if you rate me,
Talk about the things that face me,
Sometimes seems to affect me greatly,

Only issue is that when I write,
Better at expressing the strife,
Expressing when I’m not right,
When searching for the light,

Young man finding his way,
Looking for a brighter day,
Cloudy days seem to stay,
Seemingly left in dismay,

These are only emotional expressions,
The purest form of confessions,
Small bits of different life situations,
Of me – still not a full representation.